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Table art: Biot style

For each glass, a breath. For each creation, a presence and an attention. A tradition that will always be avant-garde.
These are glasses that the glassblower´s breath shaped, as he drew inspiration from the molten substance, applying his skills and attention to create objects that radiate beauty, harmony and pleasure.A secret emotion will always be hiding in tradition. Glasses, jugs, chandeliers, vases: only objects expressing precision and rareness that cannot be repeated or reproduced leave La Verrerie de Biot.

Table pleasure is a major art. It invites, it gratifies and it brings together.
The glasses, jugs and pitchers from La Verrerie de Biot embellish any table enhancing the pleasure of get-togethers over a meal. The products come in all different colours depending on the seasons and the master glassblowers’ mood: Gypsum flower, lime blossom, amethyst, Persian blue, ...... for the glasses, the jugs, wine pitchers and bottles.

They can be touched, seen and experienced

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