La Verrerie de Biot since 1956

At the beginning,
a love story.
Then a family story.
And since always, stories of passions, heritages and traditions under the Southern sun.

Our destiny is intimately linked to Biot, between Nice and Cannes, in the heart of the French Riviera.

A medieval gem overlooking Provence, the town of Biot is an essential stopover in an intimate south, steeped in History and always at the forefront of creation.

Beauty is born from know-how, expertise, but also from attempts.

Our signature is born from an impurity: the bubble. This historical and undesirable glassmaking is provoked and magnified by our master glassblowers.

Since then, we have maintained this tradition of iconoclasts, and have declined our creations without any prohibitions of form and color.

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Les Carnets de Julie
3ème Œil Productions / J.A. Productions for France 3
2019 September

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Glasses, decanters, pitchers, bottles, photophores …

If the table is an art, our vocation is to provide the material.

Compose, imagine, create to live and entertain in your own image.


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Family & Friends

We are the product of a history in motion, and a community of passionate professionals.

We produce beauty for those who know how to magnify it.


Glassblower Artist

« My home has always been La Verrerie de Biot. »

Jean-Claude Novaro
CEO Villa Noailles

« La Verrerie de Biot, I was almost born with it! My mother used to take me there as a child, a magical memory of seeing the glassblowers “live”. We had a turquoise blue fruit salad set at home, I grew up with it, magnificent!

And then the villa Noailles… design and interior architecture summers without Biot it’s not possible! A must on the French Riviera! »

Jean-Pierre Blanc
Glass Sculptor Artist

« A stroll in which I abandon myself to the singular fascination I have for glass. The snoring of the oven. The banging of canes and metal tools… And the strange ballet of the glassblowers… The elegance, the slowness, the speed… The final blooming as a relief. »

Raymond Martinez

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Questions ? Contact us