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Admission fees

Price for adult and children + 6 years old: 4 euros


Guided tours

For groups, visit with commentaries on request with prior booking

For individual visitors, times of guided tours:
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Duration: 35 min

Price for adult and children + 6 years old: 9 euros
Price for  groups: 5 euros


Introductory courses

The Ecomuseum organises introductory courses in glassblowing by a master glassblower to learn the handling of tools and glassblowing techniques.
The course takes place over a two-day period of 3 hours on the first day and 4 hours on the second, allowing the trainees to develop and experiment with all the phases of the manufacturing process up to the production of a piece.
Price : 490€.


Blow your own glass

We also offer the possibility to blow your own piece from 6 years old . The blown piece is to be picked up the next day after 5pm. Every day (on reservation for groups).

Price: 68€.


t the discovery of a living workshop: the hall of glassmakers


In the purest tradition of craftsmanship, the transmission of the glass work is above all a matter of gestures and words.

You too can discover the know-how of the master glassblowers, who will show you all the stages of glass making, from picking by the kid (apprentice glassblower) to finishing by the master glassblower.

Demonstrations that will amaze young and old alike in a glassworkers’ hall full of history and passion since 1956.


isits at your own rhythm or guided tours

For individual visitors the Ecomuseum offers the possibility of visits at your own rhythm or with an audioguide, or guided tours at fixed times.

For groups (adults, school children, etc.), a guided tour with a speaker lasting 45 minutes is proposed (advance booking required).

These visits with commentaries relate the fascinating history of glass through the raw material and a journey back in time, ending with the bubbled and coloured glass articles.


ntroductory courses in glass-blowing


The Ecomuseum organises introductory courses in glass-blowing by a master glassblower who teaches how to handle the tools and use the techniques of glass-blowing.

The course is organised over five days in periods of 3 hours on the first day and 4 hours on the second, which enables the trainees to gain insight into all stages in manufacture and try their hand at executing a piece.

Blow your own piece

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